About Us

Welcome to Indianpharmacy.org

“Pharmaceutical Business is not just a business but it is service to the humanity”. Indianpharmacy.org  is a division of Tashi Healthcare Solutions  Pvt. Ltd  that among its wide range of Pharmaceutical care and  Managed care services, Ayurvedic and Nutraceutical Services. Core value of our group is to provide Health,  Help & Happiness.

Ever since of its origination, Tashi Healthcare Solution Pvt. Ltd is dedicated to promote the safe medication practices, Research, education, and advocacy are the cornerstone of our organization. Our integrated approach has enriched us to provide better medication safety.

Our Core Services to enrich Pharmaceutical Sector in India by providing Consultation to the Pharma Entrepreneur. We provide systematic step by step guidance to establish Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Nutraceutical Industry and Pharmacy in India.  Guidance relevant to Regulatory, Production, Niche market establishment, Finance, Human resource, Standardization, Certification, Market Research, Potential Market, Market Forecasting, Customer Segmentation, Material Management, Supply Chain management, etc.  

We wish to Empower Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs.